How To Lay The Groundwork For A Rototiller Created Garden

18 May 2015
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If you want to start a garden, but just don't have the rototiller, you can rent one and get started on your new garden this weekend.

Picking A Spot

Before you head to your local rental shop, you need to decide where you want to plant your garden. Most vegetables and fruit require almost full sunlight. A little shade during the day is okay, but the more sun your garden can get, the better off it will be.

If you're not sure what area of your yard gets the most sunlight, the next time you have a day off, keep an eye on the sunlight in your yard throughout the day. Make a mental note, or set up physical markers of where the sun seems to be. Keep watching for a few days to figure out the best spot for a garden.

Mark Off Your Garden Area

After you figure out where the sunlight is most of the day, mark off where you want your garden to be. You can mark off your garden with:

  • orange cones
  • string
  • spray paint
  • or chalk.

Having a visual boundary will help you prepare the area for the rototiller.

Prepare The Area

Before you go and rent a rototiller, make sure the area you marked off is ready. Walk through the area and make sure you remove any big rocks. You should also pick up any large branches that are in the area.

If something else is already there, like a bench, move it to a different area of your backyard. If your garden area is free of debris, it will make it a lot easier to till up. 

Pick Up The Rototiller

You have already done a lot of the groundwork by picking out a spot for your garden, marking off your garden area, and clearing it of debris. Now all you need to do is go pick up the rototiller that you rented. If you put in all the prep work listed above before you pick up your rototiller, you should only need to rent it out for a couple of hours.

Once you get your rototiller, you'll want to start at the edge of your garden area and make rows with your rototiller. The rototiller will turn up the soil, making it easier to plant. If your soil is particular tough, you may need to go over your rows more than once. The rototiller will also set the stage for your garden by creating the rows where you will later plant your fruits and veggies.

Do not let a lack of rototiller ownership prevent you from finally starting that garden you have been dreaming about. Just do the prep work, then go to your local rental place and rent one to use for a couple of hours. By the end of the day, you'll have a great start on that garden you've always wanted. 

For more help with lawn care, contact a local lawn service.