Alfalfa Cubes ~ Why You Should Consider Them

8 November 2016
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Have you been considering alfalfa cubes for your livestock? Perhaps you have heard other "kindred spirits" express their liking for this type of hay. The following are a few reasons you may want to consider alfalfa cubes for your livestock too. 


If you have tried to transport other types of hay, you have likely found that the hay blows away as you drive. By choosing alfalfa cubes, you can ensure that you have a safe method of transporting your animals' food. It is also likely going to be an easier option for transporting feed. For example, you will need to minimally secure alfalfa cubes because they will be already compacted and secured. Other options might require you to manually secure the hay or risk it blowing away during transportation. 

Waste Concerns

Some farm animals tend to drop hay as they are eating. This is sometimes because the structure of their mouths cannot accommodate large straws of hay. If you choose to feed your animals cubed hay, the hay will be baled in shorter strands. They also will not be loose. This means that you can expect less waste, which is important for many struggling farmers and small farms. 


Perhaps you and other people who assist you spend too much time spreading hay and removing fallen hay as needed. If you opt for cubed bales of alfalfa, you can ensure that your livestock has easy access to feed themselves as needed. This means minimal overseeing, and it can mean that you and your workers have more time to spend on other chores.


Perhaps you have always thought of your animals as being "trained." You may feel as though they all want to feed at the same time. However, there are some animals who are not heavy feeders. These animals will eat small amounts of hay rather than feasting on it all at once. Setting up alfalfa cubes will ensure that all of your animals are adequately fed. Choosing to use cubed alfalfa also ensures that more aggressive animals do not consume all of the feed. This is because the tightly compacted feed will force them to eat at a slower rate. This is important if you mix livestock of different ages together. 

An alfalfa supplier is a good resource to use to understand why alfalfa cubes are ideal for your farm. They can also help you understand the nutrition benefits that alfalfa offers in comparison to other types of hay.