3 Benefits Of St. Augustine Grass

15 May 2015
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If you live in growing zones 8, 9 or 10 of the United States, then you have probably considered filling your lawn with St. Augustine grass seed. This is a very good choice for this area of the country for various reasons. The beautiful green lawn that you can achieve by spreading St. Augustine grass seed around helps to provide you with that dream landscape that you've always desired. This guide explains three of the benefits of St. Augustine grass.

Benefit #1: St. Augustine Grass Grows in Various Conditions

Some grasses need full sun to grow properly, and others need partial sun. If you choose St. Augustine, you'll soon have a thriving lawn whether you have full or partial sun, or even huge oak trees that provide a bit of shade.

Benefit #2: St. Augustine Grass Competes Well With Weeds

Weeds make their attempt to infiltrate and take over the earth as much as possible. However, St. Augustine grass wards off weeds easily because it grows quickly. Additionally, St. Augustine features long roots that can choke out weeds as they try to rear their ugly heads.

In the unlikely event that some weeds make their way to the surface of your lawn, use a broad-spectrum herbicide to eradicate them. However, keep in mind that St. Augustine does not handle any herbicide well if it is experiencing stress from a drought or disease.

Benefit #3: St. Augustine Grass Spreads Quickly

A blade of St. Augustine grass has an elbow joint on the root below the surface of the ground. The root shoots out from this joint and creates a new blade of grass and more roots with elbow joints appear. What this means is that your lawn fills in quickly after spreading the grass seed.

Benefit #4: St. Augustine Requires Little Additional Watering

Saturate the seeds of St. Augustine grass when you first apply it and then allow nature to run its course. This grass is fairly drought tolerant and doesn't need a lot of water during the spring. However, dry summers mean that you'll need to water your lawn once a week or so, to ensure that the hot sun is not burning the grass, which will subsequently turn it brown.

Pick up several bags of St. Augustine grass seed from your agricultural supply store (or companies like California Sod Center). Ask the associate for help if you run into any issues with the growth of the grass, or if you are not getting the look that you hope for.